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Our team is ready and willing to provide comprehensive dental care that fits your needs. Services we offer include preventive care, orthodontics, oral surgery, dental restorations, and cosmetic dentistry. Our minimally-invasive procedures are designed to conserve as much natural tooth as possible. Digital x-rays minimize your exposure to any radiation, and mercury-free composite fillings ensure your overall health.

Dr. Gordon and Dr. Iyman are dedicated to personalized dental care and high-quality service. Call today and schedule a comprehensive evaluation!


Advanced Dental Procedures

We are committed to helping you achieve your best smile and optimal oral health for a lifetime. The materials and tools we use for our procedures are of the highest quality. Our range of services allows our team to treat diverse needs successfully. For those who want to enhance the aesthetics of their smile, we offer porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, and other cosmetic restorations. With us, you can achieve a uniform, healthy smile that lets your personality shine.

If you have dental anxiety or phobia, we want you to feel comfortable during every visit. We use advanced technology and sedation dentistry to make your treatment times shorter and more effective. Our laser treatment offers less painful procedures with minimal bleeding and faster healing.

Specialized Services

Dr. Gordon and Dr. Iyman have advanced training to improve the quality of your care. Our digital x-ray machines and intra-oral cameras allow for efficient viewing of oral structures, helping us demonstrate and educate on how specific procedures can address your needs. We are experienced in multiple techniques and methods, so even complex treatments such as implants, extractions, root canal, and gum surgeries can all be done in our office.

Emergency Treatment You Can Rely On

We understand that dental emergencies can strike at any moment, and we will get you an appointment as soon as possible. Advanced prosthodontics and oral surgery treatments are available for correcting damage from accidents or sports-related injuries. We also have sedation options to help you feel comfortable and relaxed before, during, and after your treatment.

Your Expert Bronx Dentists

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It is our mission to help you get excellent oral health through caring interaction and outstanding dental care. We are dedicated to a partnership with you that ensures you are completely informed and provided the personal attention and quality of treatments that enhance the wellbeing and aesthetics of your entire smile. Dr. Gordon, Dr. Iyman, and our entire team are passionate about personalized treatment with greater comfort and ideal results.

Your smile is an essential part of your personality, and it is our job to protect and maintain it so you can live your life to the fullest. Contact us today to get help in achieving your best, healthiest smile.